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Prospective graduate students should refer to the information in the dropdown menu under “Prospective Graduate Students.” That will share information about CEE at Virginia Tech, as well as guide you through the application process and required materials needed to apply. Additional resources can be found below:

After reading the department specific information, Please apply online through the Virginia Tech graduate school page

To facilitate the application process, the following information is provided:

1) Our main campus is “Blacksburg.” All degrees and program areas are available at the main campus. 

2) All degrees are available at our National Capital Region campus, but ONLY the Transportation Infrastructure & Systems Engineering or the Environmental & Water Resources Engineering program areas are available. The CIE (Civil Infrastructure Engineering) interdisciplinary program can be accessed from extended campuses on a part-time basis.

3) CEE has other extended campus sites within the state of Virginia which offer a master’s program. Contact the Graduate Coordinator for more information. We DO NOT offer a full online program for any of our degree programs. Some classes are available online but they are limited.

Graduate Program Contacts:

Environmental and Water Resources:
Dr. Peter Vikesland – Program Coordinator
Dr. Gabriel Isaacman-VanWertz, Dr. Kyle Strom, Dr. Erich Hester. and Dr. John Little – Admission’s Coordinators

Geotechnical Engineering:
Dr. Nina Stark – Program Coordinator
Dr. Russell Green – Admission’s Coordinator

Structural Engineering and Materials:
Dr. Roberto Leon– Program Coordinator
Dr. Carin Roberts Wollmann (MS), Dr. Ioannis Koutromanos (PHD) – Admission’s Coordinators

Transportation Infrastructure & Systems Engineering:
Dr. Kevin Heaslip – Program Coordinator
Dr. Kathleen Hancock – Admission’s Coordinator

Construction Engineering & Management:
Dr. Mike Garvin – Program Coordinator
Dr. Farrokh Jazizadeh – Admission’s Coordinator

Interdisciplinary Programs:

Civil Infrastructure Engineering
Dr. Mike Garvin – Program Coordinator
Dr. Farrokh Jazizadeh – Admission’s Coordinator

Sustainable Land Development
Dr. Tripp Shealy – Admission’s Coordinator

4) Please DO NOT send any paper mailings. IF you have materials to add to the application, that cannot be uploaded into the application ONLINE, scan them to the Graduate Student Coordinator.  

5) Click here to see required application materials and scores. All applicants are required to take all three sections of the General GRE.  While our department does not have a minimum required score for the GRE, most admitted applicants have at least a 155 on the Quantitative Section of the exam.  However, decisions to admit are based on a prospective student’s entire application package.

6) Please do not send multiple emails. Staff members cannot give any decisions by fax, phone or email unless the faculty has given express permission. You will be able to check the online system for decisions. The staff cannot estimate how long it will take the faculty to review your application materials and make a decision. Your application will only be in review when all materials have been received by the department.

7) The applications staff cannot answer emails about applications between December 15 and February 1 each year.

8) Read the FAQs for assistantship and financial offer information.

9) International students MUST have a “B” equivalent minimum for admission. Provisional admission is not available to international applicants.

10) Here is the basic process for an application:

  1. You apply and send in the materials
  2. The department staff compiles your application package
  3. When your materials are complete in the department office, it is sent to the CEE faculty for a review
  4. Program area faculty members make a decision/recommendation
  5. The department staff sends the recommendation to the Graduate School office
  6. The Graduate School office makes the final decision and sends you a letter (the decision is online at this point too)