CEE Laboratories

Air Transportation Systems Laboratory

The Air Transportation Systems Laboratory (ATSL) is located in the Virginia Tech campus and is part of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. The ATSL provides strong analytical capabilities of air transportation issues to its sponsors. The ATSL staff is comprised of professors, research scientists, research associates, doctoral students and master students. The Air Transportation Systems Laboratory goals are:

  1. To promote an understanding of the complex processes that govern the National Airspace System (NAS)
  2. To foster the development of tools and models to better understand the NAS
  3. To provide undergraduate and graduate students at Virginia Tech with an opportunity to use models and analytical tools used to model the NAS For more information about this laboratory please visit: www.atsl.cee.vt.edu

Construction Management Laboratories

Environmental Research Facilities

Kelso S. Baker Environmental Hydraulics Laboratory – http://www.behl.cee.vt.edu/

Thomas M. Murray Structures Laboratory – https://www.sem.cee.vt.edu/facilities/

Materials Laboratory

Smart Road Pavement Research Site

W.C. English Laboratory – https://www.englishlab.cee.vt.edu

CEECL Computer Laboratory

The CEECL instructional lab provides multimedia equipment (Computer, VCR, ELMO, LT) for faculty/staff to instruct audiences in the use of installed engineering software. The podium allows an instructor to project two independent video signals simultaneously on two separate screens. The primary purpose of this room is instruction for CEE courses and special classes.

CEECL is a designated CEE student workroom from 7:45 AM until 9:55 PM during the week when classes are NOT scheduled in the room. If the main lab is occupied, the overflow lab in Room 319 has duplicate computers with the identical software as the instructional lab. This room is operated on the same schedule as the main lab and both rooms are open to students currently enrolled in Civil Engineering.

Microsoft Windows XP Pro is the desktop and network-enabled operating system. MS Office 2003 and Norton Antivirus CE are included as standard packages. Other engineering software is available, see the Software link for more info.

For more information about using the lab, please read through the Operations web page. Suggestions on how to improve facilities, operations, and support are welcome.

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