Senior Spotlight: Kase Poling

Senior Kase Poling to seek master’s degree

Kase Poling chose Virginia Tech because he “wanted to attend a university that would allow me to reach my fullest potential.” Originally, his plan was to get a degree in biomedical engineering and go to medical school like his dad and sister. However, he chose civil engineering to fulfill his passion for public service and to bring a knowledge of infrastructure and construction back to his home state of West Virginia. “With the knowledge I have gained, and continue to gain at Virginia Tech, I believe I can help to change West Virginia for the better,” he said. Next year, Kase will be staying at Virginia Tech to earn a master’s degree in the Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program. He is also currently running for the West Virginia House of Delegates, District 31.

While at Virginia Tech, Kase has been very involved on campus serving in roles such as the student representative to the Commission on Equal Opportunity and Diversity and serving in several different roles on the Student Government Association. He is an undergraduate teaching assistant for CEE 2824: Civil Engineering Drawings and CAD and CEE 4804: Professional and Legal Issues.

When Kase is not studying, teaching, and serving, he enjoys doing anything outdoors such as playing tennis, golf, hiking, rock climbing and skiing.