Schnabel Engineering Lecture

11th Annual Schnabel Engineering Lecture
By: Alan Rasband, President and Chief Operating Officer
Malcolm Drilling Co., Inc. 


Technology Advances in the GeoFoundation World:
Or, Better Late than Never!

The civil construction world has been slow to evolve over the past century, in large part due to slow equipment and materials development particularly in the foundation construction world.  More recently, we have moved away from every project being founded on local timber piles or other readily available material that can be driven into the ground.  We have come a long way.  This presentation will explore the genesis of the geofoundation industry and its evolution to the point where we can install foundation elements with diameters and depths that have never been seen before.  We will also share the advancements in innovative earth retention technologies allowing us to extend excavations to depths that were never contemplated.  Further, we will explore the latest options, methods and technologies of ground improvement that dramatically improve what Mother Nature gave us, facilitating construction where nothing could have been attempted in years past.  Although the past is exciting in retrospect, the key is the future opportunities and advantages that are available for engineers, construction managers, operating engineers or laborers joining the specialized world of our geofoundation industry that is unique and different every day.

Schnabel Engineering is pleased to bring you Mr. Rasband as our 11th lecturer of this series.  Al Rasband spent 15 years as a general contractor and the past 27 years in the foundation drilling construction arena.  He is the President and Chief Operating Officer for Malcolm Drilling Company, Inc. (MDCI) based out of Malcolm’s Corporate Office in San Francisco, CA.  Malcolm is the 2nd largest foundation drilling, earth retention, ground improvement and slurry wall companies in the United States.  Al recently completed his term as President of the International Association of Foundation Drilling (ADSC).

We are honored that Mr. Rasband joins our past lecturers:  Dr. Kord Wissmann, Ms. Karen Durham-Aguilera, Dr. Edward Cording, Dr. Donald Bruce, Mr. Jerry DiMaggio, Mr. Scot Litke, Mr. James Morrison, Mr. Douglas Boyer, Mr. Don Deere, and Dr. Ray Martin.

Monday, October 17, 2016
4:00 PM Owen’s Banquet Hall
Reception to follow