New Director of Occoquan Watershed Monitoring Laboratory

Adil N. Godrej has been named Director of the Occoquan Watershed Monitoring Laboratory. He has served for many years as Associate Director, and recently served as Interim Director.

Adil received his B.E. in Chemical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science in Pilani, India. He then earned an M.S. and Ph.D. from Virginia Tech. He has worked at Virginia Tech since for about 28 years.

His areas of research interest include environmental modeling and simulation, nonpoint pollution monitoring and control, watershed, lake and reservoir management, and environmental data analysis and display. He has taught courses such as Fundamentals of Environmental Toxicology, Surface Water Quality Modeling, Advanced Environmental Chemistry, and Environmental Engineering Principles.

He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Virginia.

The Occoquan Watershed Monitoring Laboratory (OWMP) is responsible for making determinations in a number of areas critical to the ongoing management of water quality in the Occoquan watershed. Since its founding, OWMP has been successful in building a hydrologic and water quality data acquisition and analysis system that has formed the basis of regional watershed management decision-making for nearly 30 years. The system has made it possible for the local governments of northern Virginia to deal with the competing uses of urban development and water supply in a critical watershed-impoundment system. For more information about OWMP, click here. (