Class of 2016 Top Students

Commencement for the College of Engineering was held in Cassell Coliseum on Saturday, May 14, 2016. Highlights from the day included the recognition of CEE student, Casie Venable, as the college’s Outstanding Senior.

The top 25 students from the class of 2016 are:

Jacquelyn Zook
Jonathan Paquette
Casie Venable
Casey Heron
Robert Cole
Devon Jackson
Max O’Krepki
Michael Sullivan
Santiago Vinueza Palacios
Charles Conran
Heather Hicks
Bret Fite
Jacob Montague
Amanda Weikmann
Brenda Villarreal
Dylan Hale
Adrian Santiago Tate
Darren Desroches
David Leech
Noelle Wilcox
Philip Laci
Brian Crittenden
Mia Jimenez
Ava Polstra
Jiayuan Yang
Kaitlynn Gessner