Andrea Dietrich publishes textbook

For the first time in the 21st century, Andrea M. Dietrich and colleagues published a comprehensive new book detailing global advances for understanding and improving the taste, odor, and consumer perception of drinking water.  Water is an essential beverage in the human diet, and one for which consumers bring their flavor preferences and personal biases just like for other foods.  The sensory properties of water are a combination of its mineral content, presence of flavors, and consumer perception. This book integrates understanding the interaction of water quality and ecology of the source water, engineered water treatment, and the human senses with the goal of producing safe and palatable drinking water across the globe.

Professor Dietrich is the past chair of the IWA’s Specialty Group that organized and published the book. The group is Tastes, Odours, and Algal Toxins in Drinking Water Resources and Aquaculture (formerly Off-Flavours in the Aquatic Environment) and an international expert on the flavor and treatment of drinking water.

You can view more information about the book and how to order at .