2018 CEE Research Day Poster Winners

The eighth annual CEE research day poster session took place on Friday, April 20 in Owen’s Banquet Hall. There were many posters on display from both undergraduate and graduate students. Below are the winners in each category along with the title of their poster:


First Place
Rusty Rouiller
Advisors – Dr. Tang and Dr. Edwards
Poster Title – Proactive Potable Water Corrosion Control Investigation in Santa Cruz, California

Second Place
Sunil Divakar
Advisors – Dr. Flint and Dr. Irish
Poster Title – Impact of Hurricanes on Bridges

Third Place
Elizabeth Merin
Advisor – Dr. Edwards
Poster Title – Standardized Scaling Test Protocol for Evaluating Anti-Scaling Devices in Hot Water Systems


First Place
Michael Milazzo
Advisor – Dr. Marr
Poster Title – Potential for City Parks to Reduce Exposure to Hazardous Air Pollution

Second Place
Carlos Mantilla Pena
Advisor – Dr. Widdowson
Poster Title – Residential Mechanical Water Meters Regsitration Error at Low Flow Rates

Third Place
Dalya Ismael
Advisor – Dr. Shealy
Poster Title – Aligning Decision Tools with Cultural Values: How the Intentional Framing of Rating Systems Can Lead to More Sustainable Built Environments